Bulk Personal Protective Equipment

Explore a wide variety of protective apparel designed to defend workers against threats such as infectious diseases, chemicals, heat and other hazards. Stock up on affordable but reliable protective goggles and face shields that offer critical eye and facial coverage suitable for thousands of environments. We offer comfortable, protective face shields that are highly resistant to fog, splashes, oil and impact, helping keep the wearer safe in the face of a multitude of threats. Disposable jumpsuits are also available to keep your team protected from bacteria, dirt, pollutants and more.

Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

In addition to protective apparel, we also offer a vast assortment of hand sanitizer, sterilized wet wipes and other products to ensure that you, your employees and your clients have ample access to sanitizing agents as needed. Shop our hand sanitizer display boxes or discover bulk hand sanitizer options. Whether you need just a few units or want to restock the supply closet with PPE in bulk, General Medical Supply is your trusted source. With great customer service and quick shipping, you can count on us to help you keep your family and business safe while working in hazardous environments.