How N95 Respirator Masks Differ

How do N95 respirator masks differ from other options, such as surgical masks? First and foremost is the way they fit. Unlike regular surgical masks, N95s are close-fitting and form a tight seal around the nose and mouth to seal out airborne particles. They feature a particulate-filtering facepiece that has the ability to filter out at least 95 percent of airborne particles, making them appropriate for use as a dust face shield or medical covering. Standard surgical masks generally do not carry NIOSH approval, though N95 NIOSH-Approved masks do and are an excellent choice for use in healthcare and other settings.

At General Medical Supply, we’re pleased to offer flat-fold and cup-shaped N95 NIOSH-Approved masks to suit the demands of your unique application. Flat-folding options are convenient and easy to carry, as they fold down flat and save space in storage and transport. Cup-shaped masks are another option and feature a rounded shape for comfortable wear. Both styles feature an adjustable padded nosepiece and are made of hypoallergenic, latex-free materials.