Real or Fake Masks: Our Water Experiment Passes the Test

Our water retention test display the effectiveness of the GMS Medical Face Mask at containing the respiratory droplets expelled by coughs or sneezes.

Getting a proper mask for protection is important. While no mask can guarantee 100% protection from spreading or contracting Covid-19, one easy test to perform to determine its quality is the Water Test. This DIY experiment can give you an idea if a face mask is at all effective and therefore real or fake.

General Medical Supply performed water tests on our GMS KN95 respirator mask and GMS Medical face mask.

Why Perform a Water Test?

Both the KN95 mask and the Medical mask are designed to help protect others from your cough, saliva, or sneeze droplets.

They are also designed to provide protection against you inhaling another person's exhaled droplets.

Therefore, illustrating waterproof performance improves peace of mind for the wearer seeking to limit inhaling or exhaling liquid droplets such as saliva or mucus from talking, singing, coughing or sneezing.


Multiple Layers in a Mask

Both the KN95 and Medical masks have an inner layer of non-woven material used for absorbing moisture, the middle layer(s) of melt-blown fabric that acts as a filter for airborne particles, and an outermost layer that repels droplets.

GMS Water Test Results

During the General Medical Supply water test, we poured 50ml of water into each mask hanging from a bar. No water passes through the KN95 or Medical mask. A dry paper towel beneath the mask proves it.

This straightforward water test easily illustrates the effective water barrier performance of our GMS KN95 mask and GMS Medical mask.

The Takeaway

Our water test is not intended to be scientific or replace registered laboratory testing, but it does in a simple way help determine if a face mask is real or fake by indicting its effectiveness as a barrier to respiratory droplets.

Remember, the CDS recommends 3 basic guidelines for everyone to stay safe: wash hands often, avoid close contact, and cover your nose and mouth with a mask when around others.

Our goal at General Medical Supply it to supply affordable, essential protection when you need it for a safer America for everyone.