FAQ: Why are your products imported?

Quality, safety and agility: The gold standard at General Medical Supply

When the United States first scrambled for personal protection equipment as the coronavirus swept the country, GMS formed to respond to shortages of PPE. Immediately, GMS relied on decades of disaster response experience to rapidly acquire and distribute vital, safe supplies to medical institutions, government agencies, and the general public.

All GMS products are sourced through our own reputable relationships with FDA or NIOSH registered companies based in China. These companies have years of experience legitimately manufacturing standards-compliant medical supplies, including N95 NIOSH-approved respirators, general-use 3-ply-masks, isolation gowns, sterilized wipes and more. 

Confident in the reputation of our supply chain, GMS is proud of our resolute ability to pivot natural disaster recovery of our founding parent company to public health emergency response for the American people.

Housed in our ninety-thousand square foot warehouse near Athens, GA, our goal is to deliver affordable PPE quickly and reliably. Same day shipping is available, and we always carefully inspect the condition of individual packages prior to shipment.