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General Medical Supply is here to help you create a safe, hygienic environment for you, your family or your employees. Our selection of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes includes small-and large-volume options to help ensure that everyone has the products they need when they need them the most. Shop bulk hand sanitizer and sterilized wet wipes for personal or industrial use and enjoy low prices and quick shipping throughout the U.S. Our products are designed to effectively disinfect at a rate of 99.9%, all while moisturizing, nourishing and leaving behind a pleasant scent.
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With the ability to kill 99.9% of germs, hand sanitizer is an essential in virtually any facility. Designed to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria, liquid sanitizer is essential because it effectively kills microbes without the need for soap and water. This makes it especially useful in schools, businesses and medical facilities where germs are rampant. At General Medical Supply, you'll find individual hand sanitizer bottles and display boxes for your business that you can sell or place throughout your facility to ensure the most hygienic operations.

Shop bulk antibacterial wipes in our store so you always have a stock on hand for quickly and conveniently ridding dirty hands and surfaces of viruses and bacteria. Available for pennies per pack, General Medical Supply's sterilized wet wipes are ideal for busy facilities that need a constant supply. These products have been quality-tested and are proven to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria without irritating skin. Order today for your hospital, beauty salon, school, health care facility, gym, sports facility, cleaning business or home use.